What is your age limit?
We are all ages through out the week. Friday and Saturday nights after 8 pm we are 19+ only.
Please note that everyone in your room needs to have valid ID for us to permit drinks in the room.
If there are any underage, the others are allowed to drink at the bar.
Can I make a reservation for a small room? Can I just walk-in?
We accept reservations for small rooms.
On Fridays, Saturdays, holidays & holiday weekends we reserve two rooms for walk-ins.
They are served on a first come first wait list system.
Please call ahead to check availability and wait times.
You may come in early(as close to our open time is recommended) to put your name on the wait list for a certain time.
Is outside food or drink allowed?
Feel free to bring outside food or have it delivered (please specify which room when you place your order).
However we do not permit outside drinks, including pop and juice.
"Bring your own wine" must be declared when you reserve and there is a $15 corking fee per 750 mL bottle with a maximum of 1 bottle per 5 people. Excessive mess may be subject to a clean up fee.
When do you stop serving alcohol?
All alcoholic beverages must be purchased and served before 2am. We collect all alcohol from the room by 2:30am.
What are your prices?
Please see our reservation page for details of the room prices. Our food and drink menu is available here.
How do deposits work? Are they refundable?
A deposit is usually required to confirm your reservation.
If a reservation request is made online, and the requeste size, date, time, duration is available a deposit required e-mail will be sent.
If made by phone we will let you know if its available and send you a deposit required e-mail.
The deposit amount is usually the first hour fee of your room.
This must be made within 7 days of the deposit required e-mail.
If your reservation request falls within 7 days, special arrangements will be made.
The deposit can be made online via the unique link in your deposit required e-mail or by phone with any major credit card.
The deposit amount is paid towards your total room cost on arrival and the remaining amount is due.
(Total amount - deposit = amount due)
Deposit Refund Policy
Same day deposits are non-refundable.
You have 48 hours prior to your reservation start time to cancel your reservation and receive a refund of your deposit.
When is the latest we can get a room?
We don't accept any new customers after 2 am.
What if I am running late?
Just call and let us know, usually we give you a 30 minute grace period.
We will hold the reservation for 30 minutes. Please call if you're going to be later than that.
We will start charging for the room after 30 minutes.
If after 30 minutes we have been unable to contact you, we will cancel the reservation and you will forfeit your deposit.
SMALL ROOMS only have a 15 minute grace on weekdays and 5 minutes on Fridays and Saturdays, due to high volume of waiting list.
What is the minimum time for a reservation?
On Friday and Saturday there is a minumum of 1½ hours for a medium room and 2 hours for a large room.
All other times are a minimum of 1 hour.
After the initial time, we charge in 15 minute increments.
How long in advance should I book?
We recommend 3 to 4 weeks.
What do the various codes mean beside some songs?
Sometimes you'll see a code in the listing for a song. They denote various song types.
  • MTV (Music TeleVision)
    These songs are the original music video. They have no lyrics or ability to turn off the vocals.
  • KTV (Karaoke TeleVision)
    These are usually the music videos, however they are overlayed with the lyrics and you can turn off the vocals.
  • GV (Guided Vocals)
    These also have a video with the lyrics, however you can't turn off the vocals.
Otherwise, the song will usually just have the background music with the lyrics on the screen.
Is there a minimum spend? Do we have to drink in order to sing?
The only requirement is the minimum room rental and that you have fun.
Do you have a lounge or common area to sing in? Can we just drink at the bar?
No, we are a private room karaoke only establishment. Bar area is reserved for customers waiting for or already in a room.
Is the location handicap accessible?
We are located on the second floor and unfortunatly the building does not have an elevator.
Are we allowed to decorate?
Certainly. However we respectfully ask you don't bring anything that makes a huge mess (glitter/confetti/silly string).
If there are a lot of decorations, we may ask you to help clean up or a clean up fee may be charged.
Why doesn't anybody answer my phone calls?
We only have somebody on staff during our business hours.
If there is no answer, it's possible our staff are busy with another customer. Give them 10 minutes and try again.
If it is not an urgent matter you may e-mail us instead, it is checked up on 3~5 times a day.
Do you provide gift certificates?
We currently do not offer gift cards for purchase. It is a work in progess, check back soon.